Meet Karen Koester

“We had the best experience with Karen. What’s not on her résumé, is that she’s a mind reader. She literally presents ideas that you were thinking. If I ever build a house again, I will only use Karen. She’s amazing at working with budgets and offering great alternatives. If you are looking for someone detail oriented, this is who you want to use!”

Karen Koester, owner and lead designer, has a background in photography, painting, and working as a seamstress. In college, she worked in the flooring and furniture industry. All these experiences, meshed together, led to her passion of designing one-of-a-kind beautiful spaces through textiles, tile, furnishings, and more.

“No two clients are alike,” explains Karen. “And that’s why no two designs should be alike. One of our goals at EHS is to provide each client a beautiful, purposeful space that standouts and is unlike any other design they’ve seen.”

Karen’s versatile design concepts speak to each client’s differing interests and lifestyles. In fact, the only cookie-cutter approach EHS employs is providing elite, responsive service and high-quality products


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