Welcome to the Home You’ve Always Wanted

“’Wow!’ is what most people say as they walk through the front door of our downtown loft.” – Lynn McCarty, Exquisite Home Source client.

Let’s be honest, don’t we all want a bit of the ‘wow factor’ when it comes to the interior design of our home? The best part is, with Exquisite Home Source, achieving that ‘wow factor’ doesn’t have to break the bank. Our full-service design firm devises custom plans by personally getting to know each client’s likes, dislikes, and budgets.

Do you prefer bright colors and bold patterns? Or a timeless, traditional look? Not sure? Or are you simply overwhelmed by countless color options, a potpourri of patterns, and mixtures of materials?!

Don’t fret – our style specialists will guide you through the entire design process, unearthing your very own unique flair that is sure to trigger that ‘wow factor’! And since our comprehensive design plans are based on years of professional experience, even the smallest details are outlined so that nothing gets overlooked. 

Whether your project is big or small, modern or traditional, fun or functional, EHS will design a living space that reflects your character, purpose, and vision!